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Monday, July 25, 2016

SWG: Sad Garden

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Her Garden" by Donald Hall: garden, hummingbird, hover, weeds, burdock, peony, patterns, softening, stem, dwindle, loss, whirring 

There was a little garden
Abandoned and neglected

Tall grass, weeds, peonies, daisies and burdock grew here
A tree stood there for ages, watching the garden go dilapidated

A branch or stem would dwindle in the wind
It would fall on the ground, feeling so dejected
The old tree would cry for its loss

Birds stopped coming to this garden and that tree
That day, the hope of in the garden's heart ended

Then one day, a miracle happened
A humming bird, hovered on the tree
On the sky making patterns, like three

The garden heard the whirring sound of a machine
And laughter of kids, it felt so serene

The kids cleaned the garden
They softened it mud

The garden started to smile again
Its glow was seen in the flowers

Now, the garden is the favorite places for kids from here 
Even now the, the hummingbird hovers around

Who is that hummingbird, the garden wonders
I'm the wish of your heart that went to Lord, says the hummingbird

This post is written for Sunday Whirlgig - 69

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