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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Keys to a Happy Marriage

There are many places that give a cliched points to a happy marriage, here is a few from a newly married too

1. Go on dates: So what if you are married, going on dates is fun.
2. Send random "I love you" messages in a day
3. Have those inside jokes: Those little names you call each other, some funny moments spent together
4. Hold hands regularly:
5. Hug frequently (its a feel good factor)
6. Fight are bound to happen, resolve it. Divorce is not an option
7. Make a vow that divorce is never a way to sort a fight
8. Destiny brought you together for a purpose, trust God, love each other
9. Give each other gifts: Its not just the man's forte to gift
10. Compliment each other
11. Be there for each other
12. Encourage each other to bring the best out of each other.
13. Let them spend time with their friends, he/she loves you, but it becomes stifling to see the same face day in and day out
14. Help each other pursue their hobbies / careers even if you are not a part of it
15. Try to learn and show genuine enthusiasm in some thing that your partner is passionate about.
16. Be a good listener, at least pretend to listen instead of visibly looking bored
17. Do not criticize or nag: you aren't perfect either
18. Be reasonable in money matters, spend wisely, think about future
19. Have common goals (buying a house, or a big investment)
20. Talk to each other about your day, their day, dreams, goals, feelings, pain, friends, anything under this sun

Love: Most important, love each other, till death does people apart 


  1. Lovely message . Yes loving each other is so essential . Cannot deny that a bit !



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