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Monday, May 11, 2015

Making moments special doesn't need money

To make an occasion special, you don't need money always.

It is my husband's birthday today. His first birthday after we got married, and like any wife, I wanted to make it special for him.
We both work and earn a decent salary, but with all our commitments there is hardly any savings, so splurging on an expensive gift was out of question.

And my husband being this shy guy, would hate his friends springing up at our doorstep scream 'Surprise"

But I had to make his day special

A month prior to his birthday, I emailed all his close friends to send me an email, or a memorable picture with a story or a video of them wishing him "Happy Birthday".
Followed up with them. Got the emails and pictures and made a collage.
Made a video collage and put it in the pen drive.
At 11.59 pm, I plug the pen drive on the TV screen and put it on.
At 12 am, his friends were singing "Happy Birthday" from the TV screen.

A ordered a theme cake for him (I don't know to bake one)
My husband is a techie, so instead of normal candles I got him LED candles.
Asked him to switch off each candle while making a wish.

Then I presented him the collage with the emails from his friends.
Trust me the look on his face was priceless, somethings money could never have brought.

I also, wanted to add a little quirk to his birthday, so I brought a new toothbrush and tied a ribbon to it with a post-it saying "Happy Birthday Love" and put it on the night stand.
I had got him a button-down shirt, a pair of socks, and a leather belt. I slid them on the bathroom rack before he went for his shower.
He came our beaming to this.

I cook everyday for him at home, so a home-cooked food is pretty normal for him.

But, today I made this exotic recipe I Googled from, and packed it for his lunch.
The call at 1
Picture Courtesy: Google Images
pm (his lunch time), was the cutest, he said, "What? When? How? This is amazing babe, Am I blessed or what, love you"

In the evening, we danced to some music, had wine and dined home-cooked food under the dim-lit moon,starry sky and a slyly glowing candle on the table.

Some moments in life, no amount of money can ever buy

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