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Monday, November 30, 2015

Mag: Not a fairytale

Joachim Buecklaer, 1560
I have grown up listening to fairy tales from my grandmother. Now, at this age, I don't believe in them.
Once upon a time, long long ago, a beautiful princess, evil things around her, prince charming, glass slippers happily ever after.

Here I'm owner of this estate that my father left me, but what I am is a princess with oily face, dark circles, rough hands.
Evil people, oh yeah suits my scenario, look outside the window, my step-sisters playing and I am here making an elaborate lunch for some dork suitor for my sister
Prince charming, Yeah! The only man I meet everyday is our 70 year old butler, so much for the charm.
Glass slippers, I am happy to have even worn out, old clogs on my feet, Glass Slipper, Phooey!
With a smirk on my face I say happily ever after and butcher the stupid animal in this deary old kitchen.

Not always is a damsel in distress have a fairy tale.

This post is written for Magpie Tales-Mag 296


  1. Perhaps your fairytale is awaiting its turn and like Cinderella when you least except, some dear soul comes to help you out in the kitchen with a gift for comic relief :).

    1. Then my prince is stuck in some swamp with a stupid donkey :P
      Thanks for dropping by Noirfire

  2. Funny and sad ...such a negative outlook... we can enhance it, even if it'll be pulled from the fake happy story....

    1. There is a little remorse inside everybody, this girl in the picture is a lot sad
      Thanks for dropping by Humbird

  3. Talk about left on the shelf !

    1. I was so busy concentrating on the right that I forgot about he left.
      Thanks Kutamun :-)

  4. Alas there is not a fairytale for every Cinderalla

  5. Nor does she always need one! Love this!

  6. I hear ya sister! It aint all beer and skittles.

    1. I agree Sue
      Thanks for dropping by :-)


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