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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WODW: He makes me Smile

I live in India. here the concept arranged marriages are very common.

When my parents started looking for a groom for me, I was 21
Then all I looked was for hot looks - nothing else, his character, his family, his education nothing mattered

Then I grew up, at 24
All I wanted was, him to be rich - average looking, but rich - again education, family, nature nothing mattered

Then a grew up a bit more - I was 29
I realized, I want a man who can talk, who can communicate and who has a sense of humor.
I man who can keep me smiling all my life.
A man with good sense of humor , is popular, well loved and well read.
So, education part is taken care of, good education guarantee a good future.

I realized looks fade away, money can be earned, but a person who can talk, make you smile & care about that smile on your face is the person to be with, totally makes life worth living.

This post is written for -Write or Die Wednesdays  by Mia of The Chronicles of Chaos and Vashelle of Shelly’s Cabaret


  1. Absolutely true. Looks will fade, it's a fact of life. But true love, warmth, depth of character, a sense of humor. These are the things that will get us through our days with our spouse. Thanks for sharing and linking up.

  2. Spot on. Someone who makes me laugh was high on my list of priorities in a life partner. So glad I found him.
    Visiting from #WODW

  3. It's amazing how much our desires and preferences evolve when it comes to a life partner. Love the conclusion you came to! :)


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