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Monday, January 30, 2017

12 Weeks of Letter Writing Challenge

I am going to start a 12 week letter challenge. 

Write a letter every Monday for 12 weeks starting from January 30th. 
I got this idea from Jade Costello

The link to add your letter will be active for seven days starting from Monday, 10 am IST/ Sunday, 8.30 pm Pacific Time

The topics, are the same as Jade's. I thought it will be a cool idea to write on;

This is the plan:

Week 1: Write a letter to your best friend(s).

Week 2: Write a letter to your mum/dad or both.

Week 3: Write a letter to any other family member of your choice.

Week 4: Write a letter to your ex.

Week 5: Write a letter to someone who’s hurt you.

Week 6: Write a letter to that stranger who was nice to you

Week 7: Write a letter to your favorite teacher.

Week 8: Write a letter to someone whom you have hurt sometime

Week 9: Write a letter to your significant other or future SO.

Week 10: Write a letter to your teenage self.

Week 11: Write a someone who is not alive but very special

Week 12: Write a letter to yourself, now

Week 13: How did you feel when you wrote these letters? Share your experiences 

Do spread the work and participate. If you are participating, spread the word and publish your blog post in the link below. 
Please post only the participating post and not the blog url
Any post that is not relevant to the topic will be removed.


  1. I am following your blog now, so that I can remember to link. I'd love to have you follow my blog as well. Blessings!

    1. Thank you Arnoldo :-)

      I am following you back.

  2. Hey! Thanks for taking part - hope you have fun and I look forward to reading you letters :) happy blogging!
    Jade xxx (wouldn't let me post with username for some reason)

    1. Thank you Jade for this amazing idea in the fist place.

      i am not sure why you could not sign in with your name

  3. Ok! This is highly personal stuff here...lol.
    Thanks for inviting me to participate!

    - Lisa

    1. It is personal yes..but its beautiful when it is out in the public...

      Welcome Lisa :-)

  4. I'll try to join in next week. Thanks for inviting me.

    1. Sure...We would love to read your letters..and spread the word too


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