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Monday, October 16, 2017

#CleanupCashOut Phony Alliance

I love phones. Most of my phones are with me for like a year, then I switch to the next version of it. I am not a phone loyalist but I am a brand loyalist. I was a Nokiakar now I am a Samsungite.

Well, having said that, the sequence of event narrated below,lasted for almost a month until I decided that I am not going to sell my phone (PS: That is still my spare phone, in cases of emergencies and foreign travels)

I changed a phone about two years back and to sell the old one, I put its ad on a selling site ( Matrimony ad feels already).
I had serious, non-serious, agents people contacting me for my phone which was still in high demand a year after its launch (Prospecting grooms for my baby phone)
After a good negotiation, I used to clean my phone, wiper it well and take it to the designated place of the buyer (just like girl-seeing event)
They ask too many questions about my phone, even after the details being listed in the website, if they plan to not buy, they will bring out so many not-so-good points about my phone (Typical matrimony rejection scene)
After a coffee and a who-the-hell-does-he-think-he-is feeling, my phone and me would come back home.

The scene above was repeated at least 4 times until I decided, that my phone is better off with me than these "buyers"

And, since then my phone and my lived happily ever after.

This post is written for #CleanupCashOut on Indiblogger

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  1. Hi DeeDee - some things just take too much effort and then get nowhere ... I think you're right - I'm sure said phone is better with you ... cheers Hilary


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