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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#MondayMusings & #GivingTuesday Balloon

I shifted to Bangalore recently and as far as possible I make it a point to walk around my "traffic laden congested" area to know it more actually to check more eateries around.
So, every day I see this kid wearing raggy old T shirt & dirty dusty pants, sitting in the corner on the road and longing looking at the balloon vendor standing in the opposite of the street.

So, yesterday, I went up to the kid & asked him in Hindi if he wants the balloon, well I do not know Kannada,he didn't know English but we communicated well.

I took him to the balloon guy, and the kid chose a shiny blue aeroplane balloon.
trust me, the glow on his face & that wide smile on him was so satisfying to see, no retail therapy or hog-therapy would have given me peace & satisfaction at the same time.
I was grinning all the way home after this.

This post is writen for Write Tribe- #MondayMusings & #givingTuesday


  1. Dee, that is so sweet of you. I completely agree the fact that the amount of satisfaction oe gets by making others smile is enormous. Thanks for sharing girl:)

    1. Yeah, quite.
      thanks for dropping by dear and belated happy birthday


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