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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WPS: Rich Vs Kids

Nassau, Bahamas

She stood there waiting to get into the fancy cruise, wearing a wide brim hat and over-sized sunglasses. Everything about her looked expensive. That red lipstick, those high-heels and the pearl white and black stripes dress looked right out of some glossy fashion magazine.

Her: “Wey-ahh iz mahh loogh-age” (Where is my luggage)

Her: ‘Oh mahh goadh, it iz so hawt out hee-yah” (Oh my god,it is so hot out here)

A kid with flee market brought flower printed pants was curiously looking at her.
He slowly walked to her and asked

Kid: “Miss, are you having gum in your mouth? Looks like the words are getting stuck in there?”

Her: “Look kid, that’s my cool accent, now shoo”

*Her helpers who overheard the conversation smirked*

This post is written for What Pegman Saw


  1. Ha ha, nice one. Like how the kid was completely unimpressed with the rich folk! :-)

    1. I think impressing kids is the toughest thing to do
      Thanks for dropping by Iain :-)


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