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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy First Blogiversary

Its my blog's first anniversary.
I started this for sharing what happens in marriages, but it ended up being a blog for prompts. I love writing on varied topics and I love people's reaction on it.

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For the last whole month, there have been so many ups and down's that I haven't been able to give attention to my blogs.
But, then there is a sunshine behind every cloud.

New year brought lot of good news and amazing travel experiences, smiles & happiness.

Pray that all this happiness stays all year for me and my readers because of whom a blogger actually feels good about their writings.

Thank you everyone for encouraging me all year and reading whatever I write.
Hope to get your support this year too.

Happy First Blogiversary And We Said...I Do"
to "

Happy New Year to all of you


  1. I'm glad your year is off to a great start, Dee Dee! I think sometimes it's good to have less time for blogging, cause it means more time out there living ;-) Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. I love blogging and yeah I guess you are right.
      Thanks for dropping by and a Happy New Year V Nino

  2. Happy New Year, DeeDee! So glad to have read your blog, thanks for joining us for Write or Die!

    1. Thanks Mia for this lovely initiative, I hope to be associated with you guys in the years to come.
      happy New year

  3. Hey.. Happy Blogoversary to you and your blog. I know its such a proud and happy feeling. May you write more this year :)


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