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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3WW: Love or Hurt

PC: indiandramaqueen.blogspot.com
An drunk, unkempt, limp, old man lying on the footpath
Oh God, someone please give him a bath

Scorning at everyone 
Throws expletives and spares no one

His face hateful & frowning always
It was a marvel when a BMW 3 Series came that evening to take him away

Its is said he is very clever and rich
His wife was a bitch

Left him and went to another man
He stopped her, tried everything a husband can

Months went by, he showed that he didn't care
He hardly stayed in his princely lair

He took to drinking and ruining himself
I wonder if it love or hurt that he has given up on self 

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - 468


  1. Don't blame it on the wife. He just knows he is not as good as he thought he was! The money didn't help!

    1. Maybe, that might be one perspective.
      Thanks for the comment Old Egg

  2. So sad when things go so terribly wrong. A clever verse!


    1. It sure is very sad.
      Thanks for dropping by Illsa :)

  3. that's so sad that he vengefully thought to blame his wife for his own wrong doings and punish her this way; when he's really only punishing himself. If she was smart she divorce him and leave him there.

    1. I think that is what she did, and guess its a personal perspective, some might see her as wrong and pity him. Some might see him as wrong and pity her.
      Thanks for dropping by Sheilagh :)

  4. Sad story with a clever plot. Nicely done.


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