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Thursday, February 11, 2016

BA - #LoveAndLaughter Our Story

Ours is a typical arranged marriage.
Our parents surfed and scouted matrimony sites, found us suitable and contacted each other.
Then our horoscopes were matched, they matched very well it seems.
Our email id's were exchanged.
And that's how it started

My version:
I initiated the email, yes
I was rude and to the point, in fact I sent my first email with pointers (ridiculous ain't it), and his reply was "I feel I am clicking the "I Agree" button on a website. That made me grin & I was at work in Mumbai with a stupid grin pasted on my face. I started liking him on his reply itself.
We started chatting, then exchanged numbers. We met. He proposed on his birthday & the morning of the day we were to be engaged
He loves to talk, and has a superb sense of humor,  (that is some quality I totally love in a man)
We are total opposites,

He says:

Mine is a short story because she stole what I wrote and made it her story. I am now left with very little original story to write! Would strongly recommend reading her version first and if you are still jobless continuing with this :)
Given that Laziness is a quality in me that I am really proud of, choosing the arranged marriage route and outsourcing the work of finding a girl to my parents was a natural choice. But I had severely underestimated the amount of work required to get a Yes out of a girl (actually it's infinitely more difficult to get a Yes out of her astrologer in the first place).
Dee played the role of “hard to get” girl to the T. 
Can't forget her first mail which had a long list of confusing terms and conditions and an "I agree" button at the end. But my friends, most of whom are married, by now have taught me well - scrolled down directly and hit the "I agree" button and from then started an eventful journey of long distance courtship, Mumbai visits and endless saree shopping (Should have read the terms more carefully)

It's been a fun time discovering each other.
We make an odd pair -
She is an eternal optimist who is as romantic as a princess out of a Disney movie - breaking in to song and dance sequences just like one of their musicals (albeit the songs are more localized to cater to her Mumbaikar tastes) while me an eternal pessimist having a very dim view about all these things.
Should really credit Dee for being understanding and working around my sarcasm and dumb jokes and still managing to love me the way she does!
Jokes aside, it’s been one awesome journey yet, one filled with fun, fights, flights and silliness! Over this period, I have had my opinion about Dee change from one with whom I have to grudgingly share my Internet Connection To someone, at the cost of sounding cliched, who I know is a great partner in this journey of life, having fun and growing old together!

Will take a moment now to thank the proud sponsors of our Long Distance Relationship: Whatsapp, Vodafone, Go Air, Various Matrimony websites and the two astrologers who finally agreed on the horoscopes matching!

Even this, his version of our relationship made me smile, he still has that effect on me after more than a year

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