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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3WW: Love at first sight

PC: dog.net
The woods with tall trees overlooked my backyard
That area of the house, we as kids were barred

One day while I was alone at home
I heard a beautiful rhythm that soon filled every room

I followed the sound, and felt it coming from the dark woods
I went as close as I could

Suddenly, I heard a raspy voice sing
It was hoarse but beautiful to my hearing

I was mesmerized, and I walked to the forbidden zone
There my singer sat, on the bank of the river, with tears in her eyes
In  moonlight, her radiance shone

I wanted to call out to her, but my voice seems lost
She felt a someone watching her and made a sudden pause

Our eyes met, she was frightened and I was at awe
She turned back and ran into the woods, while I stood there rooted at my spot

Twenty years past to that night
That was when I started to believe in "Love at first sight"

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday


  1. Twenty years later I think you may have missed your chance! However the tale in the poem was a delight. Hopefully she is a woodland sprite and hasn't changed so better check her out again.

    1. Ahhh....good idea Old Egg...
      Experience talking huh...hahha

      Thanks for dropping by..your comment means a lot

  2. this is a truly beautiful story told in this


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