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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FF: Honey, I shrunk my honey

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
PC: Rochelle-Wisoff Fields
*plip* chimed the phone at 10.01am
“Hey Honey, I am the the grocery store. Need to buy some stuff. Be home soon. Love you”

*plip* chimed the phone again a little too soon at 10.02am
“Hey Honey, just wanted to tell you, your shrink ray machine is sounding weird. You might to check it out after work”

Jon came back home after work that evening
“Rita, I am home”

No sound. He tried to call her. And all he could hear is a tiny bell sound.
He waited for her all eve and started to worry as the night set.

Then he saw the shrunk, shopping cart on the dining table

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers


  1. I was smiling at the images that you painted. [should the last line read as [the] not [he] 🙂

    1. Oh Yes, I should be more careful with my spellings. Thanks for the comment and for "The"

      Cheers Mike!

  2. Great job! This is such a fun story!

  3. Funny how we all see something different in the photo. Very imaginative. I think that should be a 'the' not 'he' on the last line?

    1. Yes, its all about perception facbricatingfiction.
      lol I should proof read more carefully before posting.

      Thanks for the comment and pointing out "the"

  4. What a funny story! Alas, I think "Honey" is not very happy at the moment.

    1. AM sure, the honey is going to kill him whenever she "grows up" :P
      Thanks for dropping by Lore

  5. Yes that little shopping cart needs to have a story as well.

    1. Totally, poor thing will feel so ignored :)\Thanks for dropping by Brudberg :0

  6. Interesting take on the prompt .. well done.
    Isadora ��

  7. A different take on the prompt


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