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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


That's my mom and baby me
You bore all that pain, with seriously nothing to gain
You got a brat like me, even then you stood like a pillar with me

For all that little, big and so many things that you do, I should say a thousand Thank You
For all the times I have screamed and made you cry, I am sorry, I really am

For the times that I have forgotten, for the times I have been busy with my friends
For the times you have stayed awake for me all night
For the times I havent picked up your call
For the times I havent been nice to you at all
After years, those are the times I hate myself most of all

You were there when I needed you
You stopped and listened when I spoke to you
You taught me compassion, and the power of education
You taught me the value of money

You are my first love
You are m queen
You mean a lot to me

Sometimes I may not say
Sometimes some words are unspoken
All I need to say to you Mom
"I Love you, I really do"


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