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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#mynyelook Masquerade

I am standing here in front of my open closet with so many clothes hanging and typically I have this statement lingering on my mind "I have nothing to wear"

Then I make a check list in my head,
Hows the weather on New Year's eve?
So a little heavy jacket should do

Which place am I going to?
A masquerade party
So beautiful elegant dress, preferably black, since I am going to have this shiny mask on me

Am I going to dance?
Yes sir, I so am going to dance into the new year
So, simple non-fussy but sexy looking shoes.
Since, I already have a black dress, I can combine them with a knee-length silver gladiator

What bag should I carry?
I need some money, my credit cards and my phone
So a pretty black silver clutch would do

I will do a light shimmer eye shadow, kohl and do a winged eyeliner for that sexy effect and top my look with a cherry red semi-glossy lipstick.

Taa Daaa....I am ready to ring the New Year in....

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