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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FFPP: Conversations

“Didn’t you bring a shovel?” asked One to Two with a grin on his face

"No, actually I think that man who comes here everyday while we sleep has taken it with him" said Two with a smile on his face

"Fine, Now turn down the fire lantern, you know we hate light right?" said One

"Ok" * pause and eerie silence

"Hey, One, I found the brush...now lets start tickling everyone who is sleeping around here" said Two
"Dude, what is the point..all of us are anyways forever smiling" said One

Resigned & tired now Two said "Fine, lets just clean our tombs, its sunrise time" 
And they vanished

Sun rose slowly, and the first rays of light fell on the cemetery where more than 1800 people are buried.
One and Two and skeletons of someone who is buried here, and its known that skeletons do not need tickling, they keep smiling always

This post is written for Flash Fiction for the purposeful practitioners

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