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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mag & APED: 84 years

Photo Credits: Park Bench WPC by Wayne Ray(via Wikimedia Commons)
3rd July 2015
Dear Diary,

There is a park near my house. I used to see this old ragged looking woman coming every morning and sitting for about 2-3 hours in this particular bench below the banyan tree and kept a few peonies and 2 candies on this bench before leaving. This lady has been coming to this park for as long as I know.
This "candy-keeping" made me curious every time I saw her. So, today I walked up to her and asked, what's with the candy-peonies business. to that she said.

"Simon and I met here when we were 4, we had a fight on this very bench"
"I tore the button of his checkered shirt" she chuckled
"I felt so sorry for him, I got him these candies and  peonies, he loved them, we hugged and from then on we became best friends"
"we played together, studied together, and we fought a lot, and always patched up with these candies"
"We fell in love when we were 13, we held hands in this bench for the first time"
"I had my first kiss in this bench" she said with a faraway look

Then she pointed in the far end of the bench that had a carved heart with S & D written on it, she said 'Look, we even carved our initials, and said the day this carving goes, is the day our love shall fade"
We grew up, Simon joined the army, he was going away on a deputation, "we kissed our good bye here"
I waited so many seasons for him. And he came. He knew where to find me. I was here waiting for him with his favorite candies"
He proposed me on this bench with not roses but peonies

Pic Courtesy: Movie Titanic
"In our days, marriage was for keeps, we got married, on 10th December 1930. a beautiful dewy evening" she smiled to herself

"Simon again left for his deputation on Christmas the same year"
"And I come here because I know this is where he will come to find me"

She gave me a chaste smile a walked away holding her stick.

I am standing here with tears in my eyes, looking at the candies and flowers.

This post is written for A Prompt Each day, Prompt 33
This post is written for Magpie Tales - Mag 283


  1. Dee Dee this a profound story. I wish Simon comes back soon. Very well written.

    1. Heart of Hearts we know he wont. But, there is hope that he does come back

  2. Wow Dee Dee everything I was going to say went away when I read that ending. Ok well lets reorganize LOL! Isn't it amazing how one place can take a life time of memories and bottle them up safe for us to keep?
    This is going to stick with me fora very long time

    1. Memories are the only things that stay till the end. Thanks for reading mandy

  3. A sensitive, beautiful narrative. Trust, love and hope are such precious, timeless gifts.

  4. Beautifully written, and quite moving...

  5. A lot of sentiment this week! Nice story I liked it.

    1. :-) Thanks Bekkie, the prompt picture is such

  6. Wow.. Its so beautiful... Though somewhere I knew this would be the ending.. It touches the heart so well....

    1. Thanks for dropping by ARt :-)
      I knew the ending is predictable

  7. Amazing ..... love , love and love....


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