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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mag: Always There

photo credit: Gerrit Photography
On that fateful day, she had promised to meet him near the park, their usual meeting place.
He was very excited that morning. he was going to propose her. Finally, after 6 years of being together, it was very special for him. She was his first love.

He got her a beautifully cut solitaire ring.
It was raining. it was unusually heavy for this part of the town and his car broke down. He saw her across the street and ran to meet her with flowers in his hand.
A truck came, and all she saw was her man flying 5 feet from the ground.

The truck went away. 
And there he lie, on the road, in the rain, with those flowers strewn around him.
She was shocked, she couldn't react. She found that ring in his picket before his funeral and broke down. She loved him with all her heart.

Today, she sits in this coffee shop where she spent hours talking to him. She has her laptop open with his smiling picture in it and tears in her eyes. Wishing she could hug him, and tell him how much she loved and missed him.
Little does she know, he was there with her always.

This post is written for Magpie tales - Mag 287


  1. So sad and so beautiful. An eternal romance.

  2. So dreadfully sorry.. all the remains are memories.

    1. memories, and that love - hard combination

  3. Very nice story-telling; quite moving...

  4. he was there with her always... and that explains the reflection? If so, a nice twist.

    1. That exactly explains the reflection
      Thanks for dropping by Margaret :-)

  5. That's quite an arc of a story in such a short space! Impressive.

  6. That's quite an arc of a story in such a short space! Impressive.


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