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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BA-SS: I don't want to hide

I saw the gruesome video of the teenage girl being molested in Guwahati and saw her pictures being shared on Facebook, that video squeezed my heart so much so that I felt those hands on me. It brought goose bumps to me.

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Why? Maybe because I and every girl like me have seen it and faced it, gone through it
I have been reading every article I can get my hands on about that case, and all I can see is how shoddy our legal system is and how insensitive our media can be.
No one did think about how that girl would have felt, something inside her would have died.
Her confidence would have gone for a toss.
I know people would want juicy details but can anyone imagine how that little girl must have felt when she was groped, touched, rubbed, fondled, beaten, burnt with cigarette butts.

In a video I saw, the media guy actually had the audacity to ask the girl who just went through hell, a heart wrenching question "How did you feel when this happened to you?" what the hell does he expect she was a little teenage kid who in her own way was happy, confident, sweet like any college going kid.

There was an article I read about in a news site.
 In the comments section an insensitive jerk of a man commented "what was the girl doing outside a pub at that time, how can she wear such a short skirt, I would never allow my daughters to do this.
This girl deserves it. It will teach every girl a lesson of how and when to go out"
I so wanted to strip this guy and castrate him right there and maybe stone pelt him..

Men out there do not just molest women in skirts or late nights.
It happens to any woman in skirt, jeans, salwar, and saree on even burkha at any time, even in broad daylight

An act of sexual violence may look small to the outside eyes, but it tarnishes a little self-esteem of a woman and the scars just remain there like an ugly wound.

Every time a girl speaks out, she is bombarded with questions
What did you do to cause this?
What were you wearing?
Why were you alone?
It was stupid of you to take the risk. Why does it happen to you only?
Where did they touch you?
Why don’t you wear, walk, live, study safer?

After a while the advice,” its good nothing more happened and it just a bad dream, forget it”
Forget it? How? It happened to me...It killed me...It destroyed my faith

How many times I have hid inside shops, got into strange buildings, and changed my daily routes and timings just to avoid vulgar stares or lewd comments or lecherous men in bikes and cars following me.
Why do I have custom myself
Why can’t the men respect women...
Would they do this to their mothers and sisters?
What gives them that guts to touch any woman and get away with it?

No Answers..

When I am writing this I was in a ladies compartment in a train...I looked around. I had tears in my eyes. I narrated the reason of my tears...after 10mins I noticed tears in few other eyes and gruesome, horrifying stories coming from every woman out there, and the age of the woman or her background was irrelevant then...the only thing that she was a WOMAN

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