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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

3WW: Oil Rig

PC: Dailymail
All greasy and black alone
Stuck six feet below and fire ignites
Every moment feels hellish when every muscle in my body burns
In from of my eyes, I see my family
All I pray is, Lord, keep them blessed and I love them a lot

-Said by a worker, working in an oil rig deep down a few minutes before a small spark ignited the hole a charred 46 men alive.

This post is written for 3WW - greasy, hellish, ignite


  1. Horrifying picture which fortunately is a rarity. I think you have put enough emotion in this to touch each of your readers. (p.s. I think "dep" should read "deep")

    1. Thanks for dropping by Old Egg & thanks or pointing out my mistake too. Yes, it is deep

  2. A powerfully concise piece of written...which certainly makes it's point rather chillingly - in a wonderful way

  3. How dreadful. There are some jobs with the inherent danger of disasters occurring at any moment!


  4. Replies
    1. Yes Shielagh, very
      Thanks for dropping by :-)


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