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Monday, October 12, 2015

MFTS: Confession of Riley Rich

Now this is living the life of Riley

I am sorry mom I ate the hamster
I am sorry dad that you haven’t got 3 security deposits back because of me
I am sorry human-brother, I peed on your homework
I am sorry human-sister to have bit your butt when you were cleaning the litter

But Hey
I am a cat, I am known to be mean
And Yes! I don’t give a darn.
I eat, I sleep

Now, please do not disturb, scratch me and treat me like royalty

This post is written for Monday Finish the Story 


  1. You have nailed the essence of a cat... they do anything they please and we still love them. Great poem!!!

    1. thecoastalquill :-)
      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  2. This is about right for the thinking of a cat! Nice work :-)

  3. At least she was sorry, my cat would not have been. They certainly think they are royalty. Cute story!

    1. Dogs are very nice, they treat you like royalty :-)

  4. A lovely poem Dee Dee! Thank you for participating in the Mondays Finish the Story challenge. I appreciate your contribution. Be well... ^..^

    1. I love this initiative, and will try to participate in as many as possible.

  5. The cat's regret is shortlived :) Nice one

  6. We have a dog who thinks she's a cat. She also gets very jealous if my wife and I show any kind of affection to each other. She barks until we stop! :)

    1. hahahahahahahahahaha LMAO OMG this happens to be my favorite comment
      i can imagine your plight.
      Thankf ro dropping by :-)


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