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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WODW: Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

He hugged me today. He cried for long on my shoulder. He mumbled some words of love, hoping to get back. The break up was hard on him.
It looked like he was really in love.
The man I am crazy about, the man who was my best friend, the man who promised forever.
That man cried, on my shoulder for the girl he loved.

Dear Diary,

 I went through three worst feelings today.

One realizing that I am the person who is a crying shoulder for everyone without having a crying shoulder for myself
Two is going through that bad feeling when the person you love, cries for the person they love on your lap
Three being, I might look strong outside, so I am taken for granted to be strong forever.
Won't anyone realize that behind this strong woman, there is a little girl craving for a hug, some care, a kiss, a lot of love?

Dear Diary,

I am in the park & I see a couple holding hands. I look away, not because I hate lovers. I looked away because I had tears in my eyes. I thought about him & I know he is not mine.

Dear Diary,
I am not sure, If I have to wait for him or forget him.
both seem to be painful.

Dear Diary,
Thank you for being with me, when I needed someone to pur my lonely heart out to.
Stupid Girl

This post is written for -Write or Die Wednesdays  by Mia of The Chronicles of Chaos and Vashelle of Shelly’s Cabaret


  1. The worst feeling when they confide in you and shatter all your hopes. Been there and done that!

    1. havent we all been there atleast once :-)
      Thanks for dropping by Corinne

  2. I can really relate to the part about being everyone else's crying shoulder, but not having one of my own. I feel like everybody is always venting to me, and I am a really good listener, so I don't mind it really. But I find that when it's my turn, nobody wants to listen. It's sad!

    1. Its very heartbreaking, Been there
      Thanks for dropping by Mia
      Thanks for this beautiful prompt too

  3. Thank you for sharing this Dee Dee! It sort of reminds me of one of my close friends that everyone runs to for encouragement and a shoulder to cry on. Though everyone loves her for being that person --she really is SUCH and amazing person-- she says she gets rather lonely.

    "If I have to wait for him or forget him.
    both seem to be painful."

    ack...I know that feeling. It sucks.

    Thanks for linking up with us for #WODW :)

    1. I feel for that friend of yours
      Thanks to you for this lovely prompt & this nice initiative for bloggers.
      Thanks for dropping by Shelly :-)

  4. I can relate to the 3 feelings entry. I feel that way too many times. I like the way you brought out your feelings as entries in a diary.

    dropping by from the wodw linkup.

    1. haven't we all gone through a lonely phase at-least once
      Thanks for dropping by Suzy :-)

  5. I can definitely relate to this! Being in love with someone who is in love with someone else, or who just doesn't feel the same. It's the hardest thing to accept. But it feels so good to write all those emotions down and purge them on paper, whether it's through creative writing or diary entries. :)

    1. Nortina,Painful feeling arent they?
      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  6. I am not sure, If I have to wait for him
    or forget him.both seem to be painful.

    The dilemma of those young hearts who are sincere in their feelings but are not appreciated by those who are 'blind'. This is very common!


    1. I agree, very common.
      hearts young or old, go through the same pain
      Thanks for dropping by Hank :-)


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