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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

FFAW: Scars of my Heart

PC: TJ Paris
This is my home

This is where I saw his face
     This is where I fell in love
          This is where he held my hand
               This is where he promised forever
                    This is where I bared my soul
                         This is where I began to care
                              This is where we kissed first
                         This is where we made love
                    This is where it all ended
                This is where I was left alone
            These were once, bare off-white walls
    Now, bear the scars of my heart
This is where I want to be

This is my heart

This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


  1. Such a lovely poem! So heartbreaking yet very beautiful!

  2. What a lovely heart to wrote such a touching poem. Very enjoyable readhttps://mrsdashsayss.blogspot.com/logout?d=https://www.blogger.com/logout-redirect.g?blogID%3D1011936669231509328%26postID%3D655007566221211814

  3. I agree with PJ. This indeed heartbreaking yet beautiful. <3

  4. A life laid bare, an interesting take on the bare fronted building. Lovely

  5. Liked the formatting. Nicely done


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