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Monday, August 1, 2016

SWG: Sunny

 photo d31beafa-b7f5-4e12-8f34-7b52c394db22_zpsrhfxydfw.jpgTHIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Here in the Psalm" by Sally Fisher: sheep, grass, waters, chilly, enemies, worry, watch, wobbles, chair, safe, side, spill 

There was a mysterious old man. He wobbled while he walked.. He stayed alone in a pretty cottage, surrounded by grass and a clear water lake. He had a sheep named "Sunny". 

Sunny was the cutest doe-eyed sheep in the town. Many came to the old man to buy Sunny. The old man refused them so rudely that more than half the town turned his enemies.
Every day the old man would worry about Sunny being stolen. So, he sat on a rocking chair and would watch Sunny play all day. All he wanted was his sheep to be safe.

One chilly evening, while Sunny was playing by the clear waters, there was a splash and some water spill, the old man ran as fast his wobbly feet would take him. He jumped in the lake to save his beloved sheep.
From that day on, even if anyone came to buy Sunny, the loyal sheep refused to leave the old man's side.

This post is written for Sunday Whirlgig 70

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