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Monday, August 3, 2015

Rules of Couple Fights

Every couple fight, newly weds, dating, married for ages, every couple have misunderstanding and it does flare up many times.
Fights make a relationship stronger if stuck to it code

But, there are certain ethics of a couple fight. Lets call them Codes of Couple Fights

Do not verbally abuse or use foul language Its not nice to abuse a person in the fit of anger,no one likes to be called an a$$h88e or a Sh!*H3@d or a Fu*ker, right?

Do not involve family member names Its a fight between you two, do not name any family member in it. People are sensitive about their family. Never involve her mother, his brother, her sister, his father, his aunt, his uncle. No, steer clear of that territory

Fight that particular topic Like I said, couples fight. But, when you fight, fight on the topic in hand and do not bring up some old topic, and old stories, it will just increase the fight and the whole topic of the fight will be sidelined, and the fight will be flaring up in some different direction.

Do not sleep over a fight As far as possible, dont sleep with a fight without closing it. Its better to finish the fight that start a new day with than old fight.
Although, there might be some topics that might just extend,that might need more talking, more sorting. For such topics, sit discuss come to a conclusion.

Accept apology If your partner is apologizing, accept it. The relationship matters more, than the fight.

Closure never leave a fight open, its like an open wound, if it isnt closed it is going to rot the relationship. Come to a conclusion. Ever issue has a solution. Find one and stick to it.

We fight with the people whom we love the most. But, don't  fight so much that the hate creeps in and takes the place of love


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    2. Yaaay. Thanks a ton. My first publish


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