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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ABCW: F for Five

Pic Courtesy: www.majorspoilers.com/Google Images
I.Five things I love about myself
1. I am awesome
2. I can smile through any pain
3. I was pushed down to the ground but came out real strong
4. I can easily make friends
5. I have taken tough decisions and stood by it, even when the whole world was against me

II.Five things I hate about myself
1. I am very emotional
2. I am insecure when it comes to love relationships
3. I open up too easily.
4. I cant differentiate between real and fake care
5. I speak out my opinion too bluntly, I should sugar-coat it more

III.Five facts about me
1. I can sleep for straight 48 hours
2. I love to change my display pictures on Facebook & Whatsapp, but I am an Anonymous on Twitter & Instagram
3.I love to read books, and can finish a book in 2 days but if the book is boring even 2 years is not enough and I prefer paperbacks to Kindles
4.My qualification & my job are not even closely related to each other
5. I have two tattoos on myself

IVFive things I want in life
1. My own nice house, that I decorate
2. I want to drive a manual car like a pro
3. I want a nice powerful position, that pays me well
4. I want my family to be happy, health, wealthy and loving with each other
5. I want my blog to reach the top

VFive things I am grateful for in life
1. My family
2. My job
3. The people in my life who have cared and been there for me
4. For my experiences, that has made me a stronger and a better person
5. Lastly, My God, for keeping me blessed in every situation

This post is written for ABC Wednesday 17 - F


  1. You can sleep for 48 hours straight? That's something! Interesting bits of information. Glad to know you :-).
    BeatAboutThe Book

    1. lol.
      I am Kumbakaran's little sister

  2. Really....Some points matches with my character "What I hate about myself"..

    1. :-) Good to know that Womanzie.
      Thanks or dropping by

  3. What a wonderful way to introduce yourself to your visitors, in many things a can relate, in others less... But never mind, just stay how and who you are... you are unique, there's nobody like you and that is how it is meant to be ;-)

    Thank you for participating in ABC-Wednesday, wishing you fun and hope to see you again next time ;-)

    have a nice day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-W-team)

    1. Thank you Melody, Its amazing to be a part of such a nice and encouraging write group.
      And count be in for next every alphabet.
      Also, Thanks or dropping by :D

  4. interesting. thanks for taking the time to comment on the post about my great-granddaughter.

    1. Thanks or dropping by :-)
      Your Great Grand daughter is totally adorable

  5. I'm with you on books. Thanks for sharing your interesting five of five.

    1. Joy, thats nice to know that I am not the only old school here
      Thanks or dropping by :-)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Roger
      Thanks or dropping by :-)

  7. Hi Dee Dee,
    I truly admire your philosophy on life,
    so honest too,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. Thanks a ton Trubes
      And thanks for dropping by


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