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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3WW: Food for Thought

A two liner Food for Thought

The behavior of people with drug addiction might look irrational to people who are not addicted to it.
If you look at their lives, you realize that they are powerless to be defiant on themselves, unless they have someone to control them against that filth

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - Addiction, Defiant, Filth


  1. Yes being addicted is misunderstood - too often the person is seen as filth not the substance - it is good to see that distinction in your thoughtful poem

    1. I agree.

      Thanks for dropping by :-)

  2. Drug addiction is a parasite of our society...

  3. Yes, we all need true friends for genuine advice and concern.

    1. Yes we always do :-)
      Thanks for dropping by Old Egg

  4. It is easy to point fingers.... The root cause is never thought about...
    Nice take on the prompt.


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