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Sunday, August 9, 2015

WOW: That Gruesome Day

There is one image I cannot get out of my head ever in my life.

Well, there is this little story I really want to share.

I had to get a medical test done for some Government thingy, and it had to be done by Govt run hospitals only.
And, being new in this city, I knew only two Govt hospitals. The first one I ran from pillar to post and didn't get my work done.
And the second Govt hospital is the one, I swore to God I would never go back again and also prayed that no one should ever go to this kind of place again even if that person happens to be my sworn enemy.

Well, if you want to know what gruesome is, please visit the "Burns Ward' of a Govt hospital. The sight will want you to thank god and your parents to bless you.

In toto, of 5 beds in the ward with badly burnt human bodies, a flimsy net with holes covering them. Other about 60% odd burnt human bodies lying on the floor, with their relatives fanning off the insects from over them. Rats running around the ward that is supposed to be quarantined and speck clean. Chipping walls, that acrid stench of damp walls, flesh, sweat and medicines would make you cringe.
After, you pass this ward and come out, that is another sight that would make you want to either cry or run off as fast and as far as possible.

A man with an amputated bleeding hand plastered in rags, a crying baby in its mothers arms, all lying outside the hospital under scorching sun waiting for someone from the hospital to attend to them.

This is the plight of the poor of this country, free-run hospitals are least bothered about the people, their health or anything. I wonder, where do the tax-payers money go.
Got Published in Write Over Weekend - August 9th
I wonder, what is the point of the doctors taking an oath to save peoples lives. i wonder, what happen to basic humanity. I just wonder..

Oh, in the end of all of that I did not get my work done, because the doctor did not turn up.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Got Published in Write Over Weekend - August 9th


  1. Strong idea and imagery. It is a strange and disappointing situation indeed.
    Congrats on the WOW :)

    1. Hey Thanks a ton. I didnt realize that I got published. Hugs

  2. Sad of hear of the plight, but looks like - it has less to do with doctors and more of Medical infrastructure. Govt Hospitals with requisite infrastructure can be run better. Blame game on whose responsibility it is to maintain the Govt Hospitals -is a tedious discussion again.

    1. I agree, but in the end the sufferer is the common man right


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