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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3WW: Crime

She was a single girl in a new city
She loved to merry & party
She saw this lovely little dress in a store
She brought it, and loved what she wore

He saw her with a menacing greed
Her nubile flesh he wanted to feed

He wanted a chance to get her alone
In the lift, she was on the phone
As it moved, he became all violent & rampant

Her screams turned into agonizing moans
Her virginity was a history
He unraveled her like crazy mystery

He dressed and walked off like nothing happened
Little did he realize that, her state was worst than he would have ever imagined.

She called for help to people known & unknown
The said "Look at that dress, look at that drink, look at that lipstick"
She is a slut, she deserves to be thrown

His justification to himself was
She was alone & she looked at me
She wanted it, I gave it to her & set her free

This post is to all the men who think that women who are single and party and wear cute dresses are inviting you to them. 
No, they aren't.
 Keep your pants up. Respect Women for what they are. 
Someday, if someone does this to someone you love, you wont be justifying his actions


  1. Incredible mind blowing. While reading, I can actually visualization the pain.

    1. I hope someday, every man feels this pain

  2. There is something quite bestial in rape. Sadly perpetrators have been leniently dealt with for years. I applaud you giving voice to this crime.

    1. The rapist should not be killed is my opinion, his limbs is to be cut off, he should be castrated and starved to death, only then he would realize the gravity of his crime

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Rosey, a sad truth of humanity

  4. so sad but true some men think they can justify rape.~they can't!!!

    1. Not just men, politicians, cops, neighbours, everyone try to justify the rapist's actions

  5. Oh dear....a lot of men are in denial that there is even a problem. Until they acknowledge their innate misogyny entrenched by thousands of years of patriarchy there will be no change.

    1. to acknowledge, they have to realize what they have done is wrong and a crime else they will never acknowledge ruining someone's life

  6. It is just unfortunate to be caught at the wrong place! Anything can happen.Be part of a crowd and not alone is good advice!


    1. Crowd or alone, no man has a right to violate a woman just because she is alone


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