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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

3WW & ABCW: Loves or Not Loves?

He is a charmer. He is the bad boy.
I am crazy about him and he doesn't even know I exist

Maybe he does know, he gives me an enigmatic look when he passes by
But, does he give that to everyone?
I does the exact same things that, he knows irritate me

He smiles at me, he winks, he helps me at times
But, maybe that is his nature
Is he just playing with me or does he like me?

I hate this gruesome, awful feeling of confusion.
With this flower, I sit in this park, I see him watching me plucking each petal saying to myself
"He loves me" "He loves me not"

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday - Enigmatic, Gruesome, Irritate and ABC Wednesday - E "Expressing"

This is my first time on ABC Wednesday - I missed ABC and D, I hope its ok to start from E
And with this small story I wish to express Love, Confusion, Crush


  1. this kind op hope makes people feel alive as nothing else can...
    I hope for you that he does but will treat you the way you deserve!

    Thank you for participating, wishing you a good day and lots of fun with our meme, today and many wednesdays to come
    Melody (abc-w)

    1. Thanks a Lot for letting me join in between. and yes i agree, I does make one feel alive.

  2. yes it's sometimes hard to determine someone's feelings

  3. You are MORE than welcome here at any time. Some people stop for lots of different reasons or just miss a week here or there. And they come back when life makes it okay to resume. I even stopped for several months because of some life difficulties but am back now in Round 17. Love your poem and it reminds me of when I was a girl doing exactly that - "he loves me, he loves me not..."

    abcw team

  4. Get a grip! There are plenty of more fish in the sea for if he is bad he is probably awful.

    1. Love is love, it isnt that easy especially when there is confusion between wait or forget

    2. Ultimately bad boys are not worth it....do yourself a favour and drop him from a great height:)
      Bad Boy Specialist

    3. Its never that easy until someone genuine man comes in our lives

  5. You captured perfectly the exasperating feeling of falling in love that we've probably all experienced at one point in our lives, when we don't know if its mutual. Welcome to ABCW and Blessings!

    1. Thanks a ton Arnoldo for this beautiful welcome and for dropping by. This is encouraging

  6. What will be will be. A poignant and whimsical poem, and a delight to read.
    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

    1. Thanks a ton Keith,
      Long time, where have you been

  7. First off, WELCOME.
    Second, YES, it's OK to start with E. I started with K.
    Third, you hit on some universal themes there. Well played.


    1. Hey Roger, Thanks for the welcome.
      Its nice to know that I have someone who started n a much later alphabet so that I dont feel guilty about starting from E
      and Thanks for dropping by and the encouragement.


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