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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

3WW: That Woman

That vile woman that she is
That nasty bitch
She makes me weep
With pain & ecstasy
When she kneels in front of me
That sexy look, that she gives
That purring noise that she makes
How many times have I dreamt about her pouting lips
How many times have I wanted to feel her curves
Oh, woman! How I wish you could be for real
How crazily I wish you to be real


  1. this describes a longing dream perfectly

  2. Considering you blog title, I think divorce is on the cards. ;-)

    1. A woman in his dreams, she aint real, she is his fantasy :D

  3. It is better to have this woman as a fantasy...

    1. I agree, else she will break many relationships


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