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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ABCW: Glow of God

This is a true story

PC: Indian Mythology

I, with my family were going to a holy place called Triambakeshwar Shiva Temple in Maharashtra, India. 
It was raining heavily, and twice our car was about to skid off the road. By the time we were half way through, it was pitch dark, we were cruising through a thick forest, and we were lost for sure.
And, amidst all this, our car broke down in that jungle. 

It was 11 pm already and we had almost lost our hopes of finding our way out, and my mother started chanting prayers.

Right then, a man, who looked like a snake charmer, came singing a Shiva's song and asked my father in the local language
"You look lost, Go straight for exactly 5 minutes, and take a right"
Dad: "But, I cant see anything"
Him "Trust in me, I am there" and he smiled and walked away singing"

This man had a very different aura about him, a very charming smile, He had a faint glow on his face.
We started our car and drove to where he said.

Suddenly, from the back of the car my brother got all excited "See, see, that man is glowing"
For a fraction of a second, we felt that light, and he vanished.

It was pitch dark again and we drove in silence to the direction he gave us and we were right outside the temple.

We don't know who he was. We don't know if he really was there or not.
But all 4 of know that maybe, just maybe, we met God

This post is written for ABC Wednesday - G


  1. What a great adventure!
    Greeting from Germany (with two g-letters)

    1. Woow an apt comment for the aplhabet
      Thanks for dropping by Mascha :-)

  2. what a wonderful trip and lovely way to fill in this weeks challenge

    Thank you for participating, have a nice day
    Melody (abc-w-team)

    1. Thanks aton & Thanks for dropping by.

      Love our initiative Melody & Team

  3. that was really fascinating!

    1. Thanks a ton Rog.
      Its encouraging to get comments from all you guys


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