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Sunday, August 2, 2015

WOW: Is it a dream?

I shifted into a new house, that has a pretty garden and nice beautiful attic. I plan to convert the Attic into a reading room, and I have in mind the perfect old blue sofa with soft fabric, already lying in the attic. It will give a Victorian feel to the reading room.

Wait a minute? What is this behind the sofa, a diary?

Oh my God, its dated in the 1800's, Wow!
This is treasure.

I have to read this, *opens the book* and FLASH

Where am I?

Who is this? Why does it look like me/ And What am I wearing?

Tailed waistcoat? and super fine china? I can't afford that?

Something is surely wrong here? *closes book*

Still sitting in the attic, thinking *Was this my dream? Or was that book a Time Machine*

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