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Monday, June 29, 2015

APED: I Live

I am strong
Because I know my weakness

I am beautiful inside out
Because I have scars

I am thankful for having friends & family
Because I know how it feels to be alone

I am happy for the food in my plate
Because I know how it feels to be hungry

I am contented with my materials
Because I know how it feels to see them in the store and long for it

I am wise
Because i have made my set of mistakes

I love
Because I know how it feels to be hated

I smile and I live
Because I am blessed with only one life

"Live every moment, Laugh everyday, Love Beyond Words" - Anonymous

This post is written for APED - Prompt 29 - Phase Phrase #6


  1. Very well said dear. I like the last verse. Only one life, make the most of it is my mantra too.

  2. What a fantastic poem! Very inspiring

  3. Beautiful! :)
    Realizations makes life worthwhile.

  4. Really wise words - great take on the prompt!

  5. Dims thank you
    Butterflykisses thanks
    simran thank you


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