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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mag 273: Happiness is...

This post is written for Magpie Tales for Mag 273

Happiness is all in the mind, If you feel you are happy inside, you can be happy in any circumstances that life throws to you.
A person doesn't always need money, comfort,expensive clothes to be happy.
Sometimes people who have everything, aren't happy and suffer from depression. Sometimes a person who has nothing is happy.

"Happiness doesnt depend on what you have or who you are, it solely relies on what you think" - Gautham Buddha


  1. Nice response to the prompt...

  2. I hope he is happy....yes he seems to be happy...:)

  3. Agreed.. happiness comes from within.

  4. A very wise write Dee Dee! Some people search for happiness all around them. Maybe they capture it but not for long because it was never theirs to own.

  5. I've always pursued it by getting to know and love all the hidden bits of myself , no matter how dark and crazy ..... Cheers

  6. Well said Dee. You kept it simple and yet conveyed an essential message

  7. Good response to the prompt.

  8. Thank you Berowne
    Thank you Sandra, he looked happy to me
    Thank you brudberg
    Thank you Bekkie, rightly said
    Thank you kathe W
    Thank you Kutamun
    Thank you Rashmi
    Thanks again Berowne

  9. Yep, it's all about attitude and our own thoughts! Wisely put.

  10. Tess, I agree. happiness is a choice


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