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Monday, June 15, 2015

Mag 274: Kids these days won't understand

Those were the days, no mobile phones. days of land lines.
Kids of today will not understand the anxiety of calling the person whom we are crushing on, on their telephone.
The kids these days wont understand the fear of their parents picking up the phone.
Kids these days wont understand the sign of One-ring "Its Me", Two rings "Come at the window"
Kids these days won't understand the below conversation

Me dials Carl's number
Carl's mom picks up the phone
Me "Ahh, Is it Mathew's house"

I remember, I used to know all my friend's numbers, my parents work numbers, my grandparents house numbers by heart
Kids these days won't understand the feel of waiting beside this phone, waiting for it to ring and have a long-distance call with some delay time.

Those were the days, the Good Ol' days

This post is written for Mag 274 for Magpie Tales


  1. I took my sister out of my speed dial, just so I'd be forced to learn one number by heart! Keep writing!

  2. Lol, now a days its like a task, before it used to come to us naturally

  3. Vive la nostalgie telephonique!

  4. And they will never ba able to make silly prank phone calls! Is your fridge running? Nice reminiscence.

  5. The telephone has traveled a long way in growth of technology. I worry about the future generations as everyone depends on these as the primary mode of communication.

  6. Berowne Vrai que , Amen, I hope my french grammar is correct

  7. Other Mary Oh yeah, Those were the days

  8. Truedessa, it might happen so soon.

  9. That's wonderful Dee Dee. You brought back all of those fun stored in memory. It was like playing hide and seek in outer space and enjoying all the laughs! Can definitely relate to this!


  10. Oh, those lovely kiddy days. I miss them so much

  11. Ahhhhh! You made me reminisce about those days. My husband was my childhood sweetheart and the codes we came up with to stay in touch without letting the parents know... Sweet memories...

  12. It was nice, nostalgic and some still use only telephone...

  13. Bogglehead, True that sweet memories

  14. I couldn't agree more. When my mobile phone died on me, I promised myself I wouldn't replace it. Thirteen years later and I still haven't........☎

  15. Woow helena, that is some determination, especially in today's age of mobile phones


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