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Friday, June 26, 2015

APED: Night

At *2.30am*

I was asleep,

I heard a knock

I walked towards the door to see was there at this hour.

The knock became stronger; I realized the knock was from the mirror

This post is written for A Prompt Each Day, Prompt 26 - Flash #2


  1. Good one Dee. That's so creative!

  2. That's pretty cool!

    * Butterfly Kisses * Watermelon Wishes *

  3. I liked it.. My poem too has a mirror in it..


  4. Thanks Usha
    Keith, Thats exactly what i intended
    Rashmi Thank you
    Sum hahaha * Butterfly Kisses * Watermelon Wishes *
    Ramesh Thanks I did read your poem too. Beautiful
    Dims Thank you


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