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Thursday, June 18, 2015

APED: Pirates

Image Source: Ship Mary L. Cushing by William G. Yorke (via Wikimedia Commons)
This image only reminds me of "Pirates"

Cheers to my mates, for we have the loot
Toast to the pirates, and their shiny rewards

This is what I have always  loved, Pirates life for me,
The treasure, is the reward for thou and thee

Cheers to my mates, My villany, larceny.

I lower my hat for the shipmates lost to the sea,
Maybe they were not meant to be

I am the devil, the black sheep, the scoundrel of this batch
How proud I am to wear this eye patch

Cheers to my mates, Its a Pirates life for me

This post is written for Prompt of the Day, Prompt 18


  1. Pirates were seen as romantic figures back then. I hope you had a parrot on your shoulder! How things gave changed.
    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  2. Bad guys are always the romantic figures, lol I have an annoying parrot and a small chimp too :P


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