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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

APED: Opposites Attract

I always wanted to be married to a like minded guy, who would share my hobbies, ans we would have a lot of things to do together.

But, as fate decided, I got married to a guy who was completely an opposite of what I am

I talk a lot, he listens
I dance, he has two left feet
I like to pose for pictures, he likes to be behind the camera
I was a brat is school, he was the good boy in school
I don't understand a thing about computer coding, and he is a coding wizard

After getting married, I realized that its good that he doesn't share any of my hobbies, I get to learn a lot from him.
I see the world with a new perspective.
He encourages me to do what I like, and he also takes interest to know what I do.

I realized, life would have been boring if he too shared my interests, there wouldn't be anything new to explore.

The age old saying does hold true, "Opposites attract"

This post is written for Prompt of the Day, Prompt 18


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