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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sexy or Not, Weird for sure

Disclaimer: I don't know If I am the only one or many women think like this

Every girl, has seen a sexy lingerie in shops, lacy, leather garters, negligees etc etc  and trust me we girls have fantasized of ourselves wearing those someday.
But, when you actually go to buy it, Trust me, Its a total awkward moment. That's why we resort to buy it online, but then again are worried of what might be written on the package as to not embarrass ourselves in front of that courier guy, so we call that site and ensure, that nothing "unforeseen" is written on the package

Things that might go in a girl's mind while buying a sexy lingerie,

1. Is that it? where is the rest of the garment?

2. How the f*** do I wear this thing

3. Doesn't this have a bra? OMG Like seriously?

4. This belt or whatever will make me look like a leather Egyptian mummy

5. Thong? Does this thing cover anything at all?

6. This handkerchief thing is 5k

7. I am sure, they have made it with those remains of other clothes

8. OK, now how exactly does one wear this, I don't even know which part is supposed to be where

9. Why does one wear this all sheer, rather not wear anything

10. It was a bloody bad idea, to come into the shop to buy these non-existent thingies, OMG, look at those aunties giving me ugly looks and why are those teens giggling. I am going to die of embarrassment.

Ladies, whatever it is, just enjoy and feel the moment. Some day they might make a super idiotic blog

Picture Courtesy: Google Images
10. Why do I spend 5000 bucks for this thing that isnt going to last on me for more than 5 minutes

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