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Saturday, April 15, 2017

#APOM 13. M for Moet

My theme for this year is called "A Piece of Me" #APOM
I would be sharing a tiny piece of my life in pictures

M for Moet

I am a teetotaler. But, I love the way the bottles are arranged in this restaurant.
Moet & Chandon are luxury champagne producers in France

I clicked this in Taj West End
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  1. I have several bottles in my cupboard. Had you not been teetotal I would have opened one for you!

    Amble Bay's May Fair

    1. Missed it then...
      I wouldn't mind taking a sip of of your fine booze :-)

  2. The arrangement is simply beautiful and very inviting i must confess. Happy weekend :)


    1. I agree...It was very inviting
      Thanks for dropping by Dipanwita :-)

  3. These bottles are quite pretty. I don't drink much either. And even though I 'm not technically a teetotaler, I do have a beautiful bottle of champagne that a friend gave me sitting on my kitchen counter.

    It's been there for a year.

    1. Older the champgne the better it gets says my father
      Thanks for dropping by Andy :-)


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