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Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 12: Letter to myself

This is the twelfth ans the last week of the "Letter Writing Challenge". The letter for this week is to yourself.

The next week, we will write about the experience of writing letters to so many people. How did we feel about it.

Here is my letter for this week

Dear D,

You are doing good. You have grown up well from a stupid teen to a semi-mature woman. You are nice to people, people love to have you around. Well, you are in a good space for now.

I think you have to change a few things about yourself, you are way too emotional, you shed tears too easily. If you have to go up that ladder, brace yourself and turn that tear tap shut.
You are stubborn and ill-informed many times. When you open that mouth, be sure to gather all the facts and then present yourself, that I am sure will give you more credibility.

Try to make people around you smile, as much as possible, that is the feature that people already love about you.

All in all, you are good. 

From D

Submit your letters for this week in the link below.

The link will be open for seven days. Any post not related to the topic will be removed

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