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Thursday, July 23, 2015

WriteTribe: Keys to a happy marriage

Write TribeIn a marriage, some trivial things become very important to make the relationship strong.

Trust: As said by everyone, trust makes a relationship strong. True, but what if, one person in the relation is the insecure one.
Then the other has to build the trust. They have to keep reassuring to keep their partner feeling secure.
It might be annoying, but like I said. marriage is not a bed of roses, but it is a garden that needs nurturing.
If the insecure partner is not able to accept certain friendship, try to reduce the contact, chats, messages with that person.
If the insecure partner, is not able to accept certain relatives, sit with them, talk it out, be with them in any social gathering where that relative is also involved.
Id the insecure partner, is not comfortable with any particular colleague, as far as possible avoid conversations about that person. Try not to reply, to that colleague when you are with your partner.
Eventually, a year or 2 down the line, when the marriage is strong. All these instances wouldn't matter.

"I Love you" In a marriage, these 2 small words do play a big role. Saying "I love you" regularly and meaning it may bring a smile on your partners face. It make make them feel that "yes, I have someone who cares, who loves, who will be there for me"

Holding hands: "It is said that a touch can heal a 1000 scars on the soul." Imagine what a touch can do to a person whom you love and who loves you back.

Smile, Laugh more often, not only that it is good for a relationship, it also good for yourself.
If you are happy, you can make your partner happy in turn makes your relationship happy that makes your life happy.
Woow, so much happiness
Also, these moments that make you smile will be memories to talk about in the years to come

Fight, it may sound weird, but couples do fight, actually fight a lot. That doesn't mean a couple should have an abusive war. But, some fights are healthy. Every person is an individual and is entitled for an opinion. And not all opinions have to be in sync.Misunderstandings are normal. talking it out, Arguing is a form of understanding each other and partners preferences. That does make a relation strong.

Love, keep this feeling alive. You are married, so what? surprise your partner with a date, an unexpected gift, flowers, or even a small peck.
Love is ultimately the reason that a couple is together, Right?

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