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Thursday, July 30, 2015

TT: Mushroom

A few fruits and vegetables were unhappy of the way they look. So, one day they all went to God and said

Broccoli: "I have so much hair on my head, I have a bad hair day everyday"
All leafy vegetables and cauliflower agreed

Potato said "I am round, fat and I feel so boring"
Tomato and all round vegetables agreed to it

Cucumber said "I am so tall and of a stupid shape"
Banana like fruits and Veggies agreed to it

Mushroom was standing alone in the last, silent, with its head down

God asked Mushroom "Why are you quiet Mush Child"

Mushroom looked up and said "Did you make a Man and me together? I don't even want to think what i look like"

All the vegetables and fruits grinned and agreed

This post is written for Thursday Theme - Mushroom


  1. What a wonderfully curious conversation i will listen carefully at the vegetable aisle next time i go to the supermarket!

  2. I do not know why the second time I read this my mind became R-rated unlike the first time I read it, so I read it again and my mind went to the gutter again. And I thought "Oh my!" as I laughed and laughed.

    Great take on the theme. Thanks for playing TT.

    God bless.


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