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Monday, July 13, 2015

APED: Write

"Write" What do I write?
What do I write?

No one in this life tells you your story, You write your own story of life.
How do you write it is up to you.
You can be sad, cry, loathe, hate your job, hate people around yoy, hate the place you live in and make a sad story of your life.
You can be happy, smile, make others smile, make friends, fall in love, love the place you live in. travel places, get your heart broken, have fights, patch up, party and have a story of life that people would love to live.

Writing a story of life is no magic, until you make the story sound magical

This post is written for A Prompt each Day, Prompt 43


  1. Very true, DeeDee. I think you must also believe in that magic to make it sound magical. :) Nice write!

    Leo - My #WordplayAPED Poem

    1. True, Believing will make it real. Thanks Vinay

  2. Nice thoughts! And yes it is the choices that we make that influence the story of our lives.

    1. I agree Reema, Thanks for dropping by

  3. I love the recognition of Choice and Responsibility in your words. That is the Truth. We write stories, we can make it mundane, comedy, philosophy, drama, thriller or mystery and build characters in our selves as we go.


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