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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FSF: Scorching

I pass by them every morning, their kids wouldn't be older than 5 or 6.

The stay in the pavements, they eat left-overs, they wear torn 100 times re-stitched clothes and shoes.
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Their kids, play in scorching sun, their men work in every condition, their houses don't have electricity or water

The term luxury for them is a someones hand-downs that aren't torn.

Still they  have friends to rely on, and a huge smile on their face, that SMILE! My friend, is the most beautiful, and that Smile is priceless

This post is written for Lillie McFerrin, Five Sentence Fiction - Scorching


  1. Indeed! Their smile is priceless. You have described their situation in a very simple and attractive manner. Like it! :)

  2. That is reality and the smile is life...nice one there :)

  3. so beautifully expressed... and what a stark reality it is...
    Cheers, Archana

  4. Indeed it is. Thank you for making me think.

    1. I would love to know what are your thoughts on this :-)

  5. I remember a tale narrated by my grand mom in which the King asked his assistants to find the shirt of the happiest man in his kingdom and the happiest man did not even possess a shirt.

    The streets kids are adorned with genuine smiles .

    1. True story by your Grand-mom,
      Thanks for reading kalpana - Cheers!

  6. Hi Dee Dee,
    Please could you update the copyright link for the photo of the three children shown here. I actually own the image and I am happy for you to continue using it as long as you link to my site rather than the site yourstory.com.

    The new link should be


    or if you prefer to the charity I run




    1. Lovely picture
      Thank you & I have changed the Picture Courtesy


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