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Friday, July 24, 2015

FF: I am always there for you

Image © Dee Lovering
I love the snow. I love the new wooden sledge that Dad has built for me. Last winter, I went sliding all day.Until, I got sick, very sick. I was in bed for long.
My Daddy, sat beside me and cried.I stood there told him to not cry, but he just kept crying.

I see this cross now says "Rest In Peace, We love you Son, Shawn Jan 2000 to June 2005"
I think I am dead, Am not really sure

I tell Daddy everyday, that I love him. I hug him every night.

I hope someday he realizes that I am here. I am with him always.


  1. How terribly sad. I hope her dad realizes his child's presence.

  2. Poor little boy - and his poor grieving Dad.

  3. How sad, what a short life. Great take on the prompt.

  4. Wish I could hear my son...

    1. Dale, you never know, he might be near by

  5. Good story although very sad. It's heartbreaking when parents lose a child. Well done, Dee Dee. ------ Suzanne

    1. It really is heartbreaking
      Thanks for dropping by Suzanne


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