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Monday, July 27, 2015

FSF & TT: Bubble

She believed in true love and fairy tales

She believed that one day his knight in shining armor shall come some day

She believed in her dreams

He came into her life, to burst her bubble

And now, she believes in no one

This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction - Bubble on 27th July 2015
This post is re-submitted for Theme Thursday - Bubble on 6th August 2015


  1. Hey there.

    I liked this very much. Reminded me a bit of "For No One" by the Beatles. I see you don't have very many followers yet, so I'm going to follow you. make sure you visit all the other FSF'ers and comment on their stuff, that will lead to more followers for you...

    Rock on,


    1. Oh I haven't heard he track , will surely download and listen.
      And thanks for following :-)

      I am a new-bie in the blog world, about 6 month old.
      Thanks a lot for your encouragement *hugs*

  2. Ooh - I like this. Short but sweet use of the five sentences, with a strong theme or message in it. Well done.

  3. Sad and hard hitting Dee Dee... :-)
    Would love to know what you think of my attempt... Cheers :-)

  4. Reminds me many things....Lovely, love it

    1. I hope it didnt remind of anything bad
      Thanks for dropping by Womanzie :-)

  5. I think this story pretty much covers the whole packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Its smart, subtle and extremely powerful in its simplicity.

  6. Oh no, what a powerful yet sad ending. Brilliantly written, full of emotion. x

  7. Succinct and all too often, try. Well done.

  8. few words told a complete story, nice



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