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Thursday, July 2, 2015

FSF: Flames

Whenever I think about Kashmir, I think about him, I think about the day when it was raining bullets, the day when the beautiful valley of Kashmir was in flames, the day I first saw him, the day he saved me from being killed.

I was a fresh graduate then, trying to hunt a job in other parts if India, and that fateful day when a bombshell from across the border destroyed my home, that is the day I fell in love with a soldier from across the border.

I was with him, for the whole week, he fell in love with me too, we made such fiery passionate love. We knew we can never be together, he had a family back home.

Another day of round firing, another day of smoke and flames in this once a peaceful valley, another blessed day with the love of my life, but it wasn’t just another day for me, it was when He said he is going back home to his family and breaking all his ties with me, that day I knew I would never see him again, I held his hand and promised to wait for him.

My wish never got fulfilled, I haven’t married anyone, for my love for him that was a never small fire but a roaring flame, 40 years later, I sit here with my old diary where I had written “I Love you and will wait for you forever”, I still wait for my soldier to take me away

This post is written for Five Sentence Fiction - Lillie McFerrin,  Flames


  1. It is such a wonderful story. :)

  2. Reading something about Kashmir is heart wrenching particularly about the war and it's aftermath. Powerful story...totally loved it. Really good one.

  3. Sushree, its hard.
    thanks for reading

  4. Hot and searing, and terribly sad. Beautiful.

  5. wow so romantic,and complex and heartbreaking


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